2019 LEAP Masters Practice Exams
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3 Months/90-Day access from purchase date (paid extensions are available to current users within 6-months)

We recommend reviewing the additional information listed below.

*Exam EXTENSION: ONLY for previous LEAP EXAM Users within 6 months
$20/30 Days: 
An email will be sent within 12 hours providing instruction on how to access your online exam. Check your spam folder if you do not receive our emails. Online exams are NOT mailed but for credit card billing verification a shipping address is required. Please note weekends and holidays may vary. Humans set up exams, not computers;-)

A reliable WiFi/Internet connection is highly recommended. A poor connection can cause interference and disruption during the online exam taking process.

    • Do not buy online Exam "B" if you own the study guide as the questions are from the study guide
    • Do not buy the Online Diagnostic Aptitude Exam if you have the Diagnostic Summary Guide
    • Very similar to the actual licensing exam questions
    • Internet based. No software needed.
    • Specific to your exam level (e.g. Masters, Clinical, etc.)
    • 90-day unlimited access from purchase date (paid extensions are available)
    • Timed or untimed options
    • Graded with detailed answer rationale (when question answered incorrectly)

    We offer three exams:
    • You may purchase one or two full-length, 170 question exams. These exams are referred to as "Exam A" and "Exam B." Only "Exam A" contains questions not found in any of the LEAP Comprehensive Study Guides. (So, if you have the LEAP Comprehensive Study Guide order exam "A" rather than exam "B.")

    • There is one Diagnosing Aptitude Exam, which contains 50 challenging vignettes where you must diagnose the client. This exam measures aptitude in the test content area related to diagnosing. This is available for individuals and schools to purchase.

      • The "submit" button must be clicked in order for responses to display under the "history" tab.
      • If you are unable to answer all 170 questions it is still advisable to click the "submit" button. By doing so a history of the responses will be provided.
      • If you close out of the exam prior to submitting the responses there will be no history of the questions answered.
      • There is a direct link under the online exams tab for each level where you can extend your access for 30 days for $20.00.

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